TNT How-To: Spend Your Vacation

A few days ago, when Boyfriend pointed out that I would be in huge troubles this day because I don't know what to do with myself whenever I have time off to do anything, I had the day all planned out. OK, I realize that there is a somewhat weird sentence. Let me try to fix that:

I have issues when it comes to spare time. Huge issues. I don't know what to do when I have nothing that needs to be done. I seem to have forgotten what relaxmeans. Boyfriend discovered this when we were on vacation at his place eight weeks ago, and he sure has not forgotten. So go figure he had to point it out to me when I was leaving his house this time - left yesterday, spent that day with family, doing nothing today, working tomorrow, doing nothing Sunday or Monday, school begins on Tuesday.

[Note to self: Check the school website thingy to see if PE teacher has set a date and time for the theory test!]

When Boyfriend said that, that I would be in major trouble not knowing what to do, I planned this Friday all out. Well guess what? Friday has arrived, and I can no longer remember my plans!

There are several things I can do, I suppose.

I could paint my nails, since that seriously needs to be done.

I could experiment with makeup, since I haven't even bothered to put any on and it's 2 in the afternoon.

I could take my fancy new camera and go picture hunting, since it's such a beautiful, sunny day!

[You know you've been in Norway too long when you feel like you have to be outside on a sunny day - which I am. I'm sitting on the veranda with my laptop because when I bought this laptop it came with battery life - which my old one hasn't had in years.]

I could... Go for a walk - running in this weather will be way too warm.

I could read a book - Easter is the time for reading books, I hear.

I could take off these beginning to be warm clothes and tan.

There are many things I could spend my Friday doing. None of which are likely to happen. I will probably just sit here and watch yet another episode of Grey's Anatomy.


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