Happy Easter, Blog Readers and Everybody Else!

Today is Easter Day. One year ago, I was in the US receiving an Easter Basked with New Moon on DVD and more candy than I could possibly eat. Today, I'm wearing capris and a t-shirt, sitting outside on the deck enjoying some coffee and home made cake - relax, it was Mother baking, not me. Dad has put up an outdoor fire place and it only took him like five minutes to put it all together.

I began the day with dusting off my dresser. That's as far as my cleaning got. Watched maybe three episodes of Desperate Housewives, with some LA Inkhere and there, and then read a magazine. Now I'm sitting here, outside, the sun has disappeared behind a cloud, and I'm not sure what to do.

Call me crazy, but I sort of want to play some more Magic: The Gathering!!

But since I don't have the game, I'll probably watch Grey's Anatomy again...

Happy Easter, bloggers and readers!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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25.04.2011 kl.01:48

Fin blogg :)

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