Week Update and Photographs

This week so far has been... I don't know.

Monday I watched 10 episodes of Grey's Anatomy which I think actually was 11 or 12 because the first or the first two were doubles. Call me "hobbylos".

Tuesday... Started out bad, but ended up good after all. A friend and I went out photo hunting and I got a couple of good shots, I'll post them later on. (=

Wednesday... Oh wait, that's yesterday... I was supposed to study for a test in PE but that didn't go so well. Had the test today which went well I think so... Who cares! ^^, And of course I watched some more Grey's Anatomy. Most memorable quote from the episodes I watched yesterday (season 5):

Owen: Today, you were a teacher to someone who needed to learn, but you were also a bully to someone who needed compassion. You were...both.
Cristina: Well, I wasn't a bully.
Owen: You know, you're a lot like her. Forty years from now, I'm going to be prying that scalpel out of your hands, too.
Cristina: Over my cold, dead body.
Owen: You're missing the point. I wanna be around forty years from now.

Awww!!! They're so cute together!

Today... The day began with PE test, which as I said went well. Then we had English and got back our in-depth studies - I aced it! I was telling myself last night that I'd be satisfied with a 5, though I had a hope I might get a 6 because I did a hell of a good job on it but I didn't wanna get my hopes up too much, but I did it! The happiness I feel is beyond describable!

"Traffic Day" after lunch, which means the police and an ambulance worker were there to talk to us about risk taking and to be careful. We got to try a crash simulator! It was fun. Unfortunately, I had to leave early because I had an appointment with my opthamologist. I paid freaking 500 NOK just to hear my eyes are fine!

Now I'm just waiting to find out what's for dinner, and also Boyfriend said he'd come visit today, so I'm excited to see him again!

That's all I have to say for today. I'll be back sometime this weekend with more posts. Over to the photos I promised - I haven't edited anything on them, I know the wall is askew and the pictures could be brightened, so they aren't perfect, but they're real and taken by me, so please tell me what you think!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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