Friday Coffee Bloggin' is Becomin' My Tradition!

I've had about half a cup of coffee now - or, I guess it qualifies as a cup since my cup is huge! - and I already feel better. The wonderfulicious weather outside might be a component to that, too! It's 10 degrees Celcius outside, about 50 Farenheit, which when I was in America didn't seem to be much but here and now it's waaarm. Well, the temperature measurer might be a little off, 'cause the sun is beginning to sneak in on the side where it is... But it's sunny and no clouds and the birds are singing and it's just a beautiful day so far.

Today, I don't have any classes until 1.50! My religion teacher is doing a test for those who missed a test or wanted to improve their grade. I'm already on a 5 in that class, which I'm satisfied with, and so I figured I'd just show to history afterwards. Grrrreat!

I've been asked to do chores. It's just some vaccuum cleaning, and since I live in this house and am responsible for  of the dust and whatnot, I should do some of the cleaning as well. I'm lucky, my mother does my laundry and most of the time dinner is ready by the time I get home or my dad starts making dinner when we get home, so I don't have overly many chores. My room could use some cleen sheets and vaccuuming, too... I'll see how much I can get done between writing this blog entry, eating, getting dressed, and drinking coffee! It's only 9am so it shouldn't be a problem to get started at least, and I can do my room this afternoon...

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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