Saturday Coffee Blog Entry This Week!

I didn't have time to write a blog entry yeseterday. I was going to while at school, but I ended up just sitting and talking to my friends and other class mates. I don't feel bad about it - I can just write this entry today instead! (=

It's 10am and I've been awake for one hour. Yes, I had an alarm on to get up that early, haha! ;) The reason: Boyfriend is coming at 11 and I wanted to have time to look good, eat breakfast, havecoffee, and pack since I'm spending the night at Grandma's house since I'm working late today and have a job meeting tomorrow.

I haven't actually had anycoffeeyet, and I'm beginning to feel light headed. Still an addict: Check!

My friends went out last night, with all of the other russ. I didn't feel like going out because my back, neck, shoulders and whatnot was hurting so bad it made me nauseous (or nauseaous, I don't know how to spell it, but you know what I mean!). I spent the night sleeping on a warm pillow thingy, and I'm drugged on pain killers and inflammatory repressives. I hope they help, because I have to work for 8 hours today. Oh well...

Daddy's making breakfast, and I can smell the toast and thecoffee and it's making me evem more hungry... I'm gonna go have some of it all now, with extracoffee, TTYL!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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