Just a... Tuesday?

Hello again! Days are so confusing right now. I believe it's a Tuesday, though. Man, summer feeling is setting in!

Today I left school shortly after nine. As I've probably stressed several times before, I have no classes between the hours of nine and two on Tuesdays, but today we decided to skip Norwegian class at the end of the day and just go home. Well, we actually called the teacher and asked her what we were supposed to do today, and she said revise old exam papers or something like that, but then she said we would have to decide for ourselves whether to show or not because we have that test tomorrow that I'm studying for and alll...

All this studying!

Googled Picture - not mine!

My kitchen table is flowing over with books and articles and pens and highlighters and technology and plates and my huge coffee cup - out of which I am drinking tea right now, by the way... Can't wait to see the end of it all!

Did I ever say what I was studying, exactly? I don't think so... And if I'm wrong, just skip the rest of this paragraph, the next one will be more interesting, I promise! Well, I'm reading up on socialization and the parents' role in it, and also a suggestion to change the law about how long dads can be on paternity leave. I'm trying to find articles highlighting both the positive and negative effects on that, and I find it rather odd that they're all about gender equality and the rights of and what's best for the parents. Shouldn't there be more on what's best for the kids? Next on my agenda is to look up what studies show about the aftermath of children with stay-at-home moms versus stay-at-home dads. If you have anything to contribute with, feel free to post it in the coment section below!

CIRCUS! There is a circus in town. And only for one day. I want to go. It will make me feel like I'm four years old again! I'm talking to Friend and Friend about it. One of them wants to go too, and the other one says she can't afford it... We're gonna go look for discount flyers in a couple of hours, though! I googled some circus pictures for you to enjoy ;)

And these pictures are actually from the circus I'm hoping to go to tonight! If I do go, I will bring my camera and try to take some pictures of my own! (=

A song that's really making me happy today and yesterday:

I should return to my news paper articles and printing and book reading...

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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