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Good morning, people! Today is the day where I'll find out which exams I hava/get to take, and I'm pretty nervous. After school today I'll go to the city with Friend.

Yesterday I received a packet from Switzerland, where my gay best friend lives. The content? Why don't I show you...

2019 grams / 4 pounds of Swiss chocolate! Well, it was from his brother as well since he bought some of the cholocate and payed for the shipping. Which I bet was hella expensive because it's this heavy and Switzerland is no cheaper than Norway - neither of which are EU countries. Together with all this chocolate, I also received this:

The headset I got is a copy, you can tell because the flat metal where it splits is not flat, and the Gaga signature and L and R are blue instead of white, and there is no b on the ear plugs. But it's the thought that counts so I'mso happy I could die- especially since my headset broke just the other day!

Time for me to go blowdry my hair and put some makeup on before going, take care!

 ♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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