Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

Hello again, bloggers. I'm haivng problems concentrating.

Evidently, there was no Criminal Minds last night - there was no episode recorded. So I checked the program for yesterday online, and go figure: it was a soccer night. Meh. So yeah... I watched the past two episodes of Hotel Csar instead. And ate two scrabled eggs, two toasted slices of bread with orange marmalade, and drank a cup of coffee.

Then I decided to check out some old friends on Facebook, and you want to guess what I found? One of my besties from elementary, whom I have barely spoken to since middle school, is pregnant. Due in August. Or maybe I should say, 'another one', because she's not the first... How do they do it? How do they get pregnant and decide to keep the baby at the age of 18 or not even that old? I couldn't do it... Sure, I want to be a mother at some point in my life, but having a child at this point in my life would result in miserable lives for both me and the baby. A baby deserves better than having me as a mother when I'm just 18.

I'm not criticizing those that decide to have children at a young age, I just wouldn't do it myself. If they can take care of the baby and give it what it needs, and not destroy their own life in the process, that's all good. But I wouldn't want a child at this point in my life. I have too many ambitions, too many things I want to do.

I'm going to CC in the fall, for one year. Then I want to move to a city, or outside of a big city. Away from this place, either way. I want to see the world. I want to have a chance to be crazy and live a little before settling with a family, somewhere in my mid-late 20s.

Where will I be in ten years? I don't know. Maybe working at a hospital. Maybe working for children's rights, for Amnestly International or something. Maybe be a psychiatrist. Maybe travelling around the world taking pictures for magazines or museums. Maybe hunting for news. Maybe living with someone. Maybe I'll even have a child. But that's ten years from now. Right now, I'm havign a tough time taking care of myself. I destroy my clothes doing laundry. I can cook edible food, but not necessarily too tasty. I work, but not enough to afford living anywhere but with my parents. I just learned how to pay my own bills online a few months ago. I would be lost if I were to take care of myself entirely.

I shouldn't be thinking about this right now. I should be trying to find stuff about media development and journalism. Wish me luck.

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The not so secret friend of the secret norwegian teenager :)

20.05.2011 kl.12:38

Good luck!

a teenager with thoughts

20.05.2011 kl.12:54

The not so secret friend of th: Thank you!

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a teenager with thoughts

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