I went on youtube to find a song to blog about, but the moment I got there I got caught up in watching all these unwatched videos... The past three episodes of =3, Charlieissocoollike... Don't feel hit at allll by this video:


So, the song I wanted to post... It took me a long time to re-remember which one it was, but then I finally realized it's Beyonc's "Halo", simply because it's perfect.

Oh, by the way... Skwijel!

(It was on =3...)

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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maria sofie

20.05.2011 kl.13:45

SV; Omg! Noen folk er bare ikke helt gode i hodene sine ass -.-

Haha, dde av dem ekkorn filmen x) !

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a teenager with thoughts

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