Twenty Four Hours

Good afternoon, bloggers and blog readers! The title of today's entry has a double meaning.

The past twenty four hours have been spent with Boyfriend. He came here yesterday around noon, and left today around noon - because he has to do a whole chapter in math before the end of the day because of his exam in a week. And I have to prepare for my exam tomorrow, in media. I don't really know what to do though.

These past twenty four hours have been great. It was good to spend so much time together. I'm not complaining that we don't meet every day and some days don't even talk at all, and I know it's good that it is the way it is because we will be seeing even less of each other between August this year and May next year, but some days like these are still necessary. I believe it makes us appreciate each other and our time together more when we get to see each other less often, and when we are together we focus solely on the other, ourselves, our relationship. It's as if nothing else matters.

Furthermore, in twenty four hours, I'll (hopefully) be near the end of my media exam. We can sit from nine till two, and I normally don't even sit the time out of all day tests, and this should be no different. However, I did sit almost till the end last time, so who knows. I won't know until I'm there, anyhow. I'll keep you posted.

Right now I'm sitting in my room right by the wide open window. There's almost no wind, it's not sunny but not cold either, and I think it's a beautiful day. Birds are singing somewhere close by, and I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee and a water bottle. In one hour I have a meeting at work, like an emplyer-employees kind of meeting. No big deal. Just decided to have tuna salad for dinner when I get back.

I think last night was prom in the town where I lived in America. I can't believe it's been a year since I was at prom with my group of friends...

Well, I should get some work done. Ciao!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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