This I Have Accomplished This Past Hour

It's been one hour then, and I have done this much:

  ◊ Retrieved all my notes, hand outs and tests  from the past three years
  ◊ Put them all in a folder - 1st year last, 3rd year first
  ◊ I have the stuff I think I might need at the beginning of it all
  ◊ Read through the contents of all three books
  ◊  Written post its and stuck them on the inside of the books, letting myself know what it contains
  ◊  Read the section in the 3rd year book titled "Final Preparation"

So in my opinion... You can accomplish quite a bit in one hour if you only push yourself. Not that it felt like a lot when I did all of this...

Also, I have decided that Gaga's Judas, however much criticized, is the song on the Born This Way album that resembles her old style the most. This album is quite different from the others - and I have to be honest: I still like the two previous albums better.

How was your hour?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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