Furtune Cookie Made My Day

I should be happy. There is no reason why I should not be happy. I refuse to believe that I have done any thing so bad that I should be deprived all happiness. I have done things that other people consider bad. I have done things that I consider to be bad choices when looking back at them. But I have not done anything so bad that I should not receive happiness in my life.

I have a loving family that sometimes get on my nerves, but they're still family and we love each other. I have fantastic friends and an amazing boyfriend, neither of whom I would trade for anything.

I have good grades in school. Most of the teachers like me. I don't even work too hard for my grades.

I have experienced something very few get to do - attend high school for a year in a foreign country while living with a family that is not your own but feels like it after a short time. Millions of people could never never that.

This should be more than what a person even needs to be happen. Then I read this fortune cookie on Facebook today:

I will get to attend a CC for a year, doing what I love, with strangers that are just friends waiting to become so. I will travel the world, doing something that I love. Several things that I love, actually. Is this what I need to be happy? What is really happiness, and what generates the real kind of happiness?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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