How My [Newfound] Category System Works

Hah, I can't believe myself. I've spent the past couple of hours trying to categorize my blog entries, without even finding categories for them all!

The category Blogg simply contains entries, the ones that don't really have a category at all. They're just blog entries. Here you will also find the meaningless blog entries of how my day has been or what I'm up to.

The category Coffee Blogging stands for itself - these are my coffee blogs. Which could also be entitled random blogs. But yeah, this is where you'll find my coffee blogs from Friday mornings, plus some others.

Life is an empty category. Does anybody know how I can get that link deleted from my profile? Anyhoo, I decided I didn't want this category after all, because my life blog entries are the ones you find under Blogg.

And finally, I couldn't do this categirizing thing without a category for Love. This is not a category full of entries saying "omg I love you so much!". This is a category in which you''ll find entries about my stay in the USA, my entries in which I talk about how much someone means to me, it contains my family, my friends, my Boyfriend, my passion for photography, poetry, and much more.

I decided I needed this category too: Meet the Blogger. As of right now it only contains two entries, but I'm planning on making more. Maybe I'll do a Q&A thingy? Feel free to submit questions you have! (=

Design History is my newest category now, as I created it today. This is one blog entry which will be updated with a picture of the previous header when I update my design. So basically just a library of my old headers for you to look at and see my developing Photoshop skills haha! ;) It's chronological, so the newest will always be at the bottom of the entry.

The Hobbies, as it says, is a category dedicated to my hobbies. At the moment them being photography and photoshopping. If I write anything about dancing, it is to be found in here as well, I've been taking classes since I was 11, however not this school year, as there are no classes for kids in their late teenage years, sadly.. The blog entries about quotes is going in this one as well, once I get around to going through my archive... I've been a quotes collector for about five years now! The reason my Twitter account is called iQuotesLyrics! (: Uhm yeah.... Photography is its own category now, so this one might be close to empty for some time... But maybe I'll keep the Photoshopping here while having the Photographs in their category? Haven't made up my mind yet... Just move around a little and see what you find, a'ight! :D

Quotes is the newest addition to my category system, and naturally it consists of my favorite quotations. I decided to make it an own category instead of adding it to the hobbies one, just because it seems more natural. It's not complete yet, I still have a lot of moving to do of entries from Blogg and whatnot, so yeah... Be patient with me, as I don't have all the time in the world for the Internet anymore, and also the connection isn't completely reliable!

Yet again, another category that's part of my cleaning up process to make my page easier to navigate around: Photography! Since this is what I spend most of my time doing these days, it might as well have its own category, too!

 I hope you enjoy. And maybe I'll create more categories as time goes by. If I do, they'll be added here. Adios!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Little Miss Anderson

25.05.2011 kl.19:26

sv: likte secondhand serenade for hundre r siden, da han hadde gitt ut sitt frste album, men jeg hrte s mye p han at jeg ble lei. likern ikke lenger. :p

eemmmm vet ikke om noen nettsider nei. jeg tror det beste er g p dansing og sprre om alle typer tying. De jeg viste p "treningskten" innlegget mitt er de mest basic spagat velsene :p no way at de ikke gjr vondt. Og av egenerfaring: hvis det ikke gjr vondt / du ikke kjenner det, s gjr du det feil. Jeg lrte at jeg allllltid m strekke ut ryggen.

Og jeg lper til jeg blir sliten, s gr jeg til jeg har det bra igjen, s lper jeg igjen. Snn holder jeg p i en time. Funker fett ^^

a teenager with thoughts

25.05.2011 kl.20:04

Little Miss Anderson: Jeg hrte masse p de to frste platene fr jeg gikk bort fra ham en periode. S fltes det som en eeeeeevighet fr Hear Me Now kom ut :b

Mulig det... Men den der du sitter med det ene beinet over det andre for tye rumpe/vre lr har jeg ikke kjent p flere r.

Haha! ^^, Skulle bare nske det ikke blste s mye her ute hvor jeg bor - ekstra slitsomt lpe i motvind! xD

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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