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This is a music challenge I found on Little Miss Anderson's blog. Although music is a jighly personal and holy thing, let's share some facts, shall we!

Favorite Songs:
One or more songs with a lot of aggression, anger and frustration?
Linkin' Park - Somewhere I Belong

One or more love songs that almost speak for you?
Secondhand Serenade - Your Call

One or more songs with the most beautiful melody you know?
Secondhand Serenade - Is There Anybody Out There?
Coldplay - Fix You
Taylor Swift - Haunted
Taylor Swift - Enchanted

One or more songs with such good lyrics you almost have to write it down somewhere?
Tokio Hotel - Durch den Monsun
Taylor Swift - Enchanted

One or more songs who is just generally really well made?
Taylor Swift - Enchanted

Favorite artist/band? Why?
Secondhand Serenade - because the lyrics are incredibly passionate, the music is perfect, and you just can't help but reallyfeel something when listening to them.

Top 3 songs by your favorite? Why these songs?
1. Your Call - The first song I heard by him, and there's just something about the first song you hear by someone.
2. Suppose - It stands out from the rest of the songs. It's more beat up, more built up like a song, yet the lyrics are as thorough as the rest of them.
3. Is There Anybody Out There - It's as if the words are taken from my heart and put together with music by him.

Favorite pop-artist?
Lady Gaga!

Favorite song(s) by this artist?
Bad Romance - the original version, with part French lyrics.
Just Dance

Favorite boyband?
Don't really have one.

Favorite song(s) by this one?
Again, don't really have a favorite.

Favorite rapper?
Don't really listen to rap, but I'd have to say Eminem then.

Favorite song(s) by this rapper?
Not Afraid

Do you listen to the radio much?
Not really. Sometimes. When it's on.

Do you like the music that's on the radio?
Depends on the channel. P3 has some decent music, so does 106.9 Seattle.

Do you pay attention to the charts?
Only if one of my favorites are there.

What songs do you think is most popular at the moment?
Party Rock Anthem - LMFAO
Born This Way - Lady Gaga
S&M - Rihanna

What genre(s) do you like the least?
Opera, Heavy Metal or whatever you call that screaming with no melody or hearable lyrics.

What genre(s) do you like the most?
Hip hop, RnB, Pop, Pop-Rock, Acoustic, Alternative, Emotional, other "mixed" genres. I don't like to put things in a box.

What is your musical guilty pleasures?
Some *underline underline underline* of Miley Cyrus' songs :3

So that was my list. What is yours?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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Little Miss Anderson

25.05.2011 kl.21:00

wooo nice :D

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