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Good evening, my beautiful blog readers! I don't know if I've ever talked about one of my favorite songs in the whole entire world? Anyhoo, I feel like talking about it now.

The song is called Hello, Love, Goodbye and is written and performed by a group calledTo Be Juliet's Secret. I discovered them sometime in the late fall/early winter of 2008, and although they're not very famous or have very many songs, I still love them.

It's the lyrics that appeal to me. The piano in the beginning is gorgeous, and I would really like to learn to play the piano just so that I could play it. I like the alteration between him and her singing, and that they sing the same but at different speeds and different times.

I think what I like the most about this song, is that both the boy and the girl are regretting their breakup - at least that's how I interpret it. They were together, then they broke up, and now they're both seeing each other and regretting what happened between them.

I won't do a detailed analysis here, I've already done that before, so I'll leave that for y'all to do. I hope you enjoy the song as much as I do. Other songs you can check out are All Angel No Wings, The Mask's Her Aid (aka Masquerade), Darling Can't You See You're My Tradgedy, and Goodbye Was Always Your Favorite Word.

And what do you think about my new header? I know it's not very advanced, but more so than the previous one at least. I use Photoshop CS5, although I have never had anyone teaching me how to use PS at all. What little I know I've learned by myself. I wish I could take a class on how to do these things, as I've previously only used the program to edit photographs - not for graphic design, even though I really like it and wish I knew more about it and I really admire those who do. If you know anything and would like to share it with me, please do so in the comment section below! ^^,

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