Kiwi In My Heart!

I just love the fruit kiwi. Don't you love kiwi? Kiwis are delicious. So fruity, so green, so fresh, it's impossible not to love them. I'm eating one right this moment. I came down to the kitchen to eat breakfast some time ago, and go figure I ended up with cereal as always. I'm too lazy to make anything else. Then I had some coffee. And now I'm eating a kiwi, because there are kiwis here!

After breakfast, I'm gonna go blowdry my hair and put on some make up, and then head out. I have a letter to mail, and a CD to buy. We'll see if I stumble across anything else! ^^, And I'm working tonight, from 3 to 11.30 - at a store named Kiwi! Tomorrow morning, Boyfriend will come over! =D

What are you doing today?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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