Don't Think. Just Dance.

That's my attitude towards working out now. Don't think, just do it. You know what I mean?

Today, I've been running. Above, you can see a map of running routes I have. I ran the red one. If I feel like it, I add on the blue loop. But that's a pretty long run, it takes two hours to walk it, so... And I can also prolong or cut down the run by going down either one of the green loops. there are more green ones that I didn't add too, simply because I can't find them on the map, but they are there! Haha.

While I ran, I listened to this:

This playlist isn't finished yet... I was making it before I went out, but my computer went koo koo kachoo and wouldn't let me finish, so there're still many songs left to be added to this,for instance Lady Gaga's "Just Dance"!

After my running, I did sit ups, push ups, other exercises to work my lower abdomen, and stretching of course. Then I showered. Now I'm off to put on some make up and curl my hair - Boyfriend is in for a curly surprise when he sees me tomorrow! ^^, That is, unless he reads this blog. Which he really shouldn't do because he needs to be doing math. Although I know his exam will go great. Unlike mine. Holy moly, I haven'd done a thing all day! I need to make me some tea and get workin'! C'ya!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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