Some of the Best Memorable Times of My Life

I'm sitting here thinking about the school I'll be attending in the fall. Everything I read about it makes me fall even more in love with the place - a place I have yet to know what is like. And it occurs to me that I can recognize this feeling from before. It's the same feeling I had two years ago, when finishing my first year of high school and getting ready to travel halfway around the world.

Oh, the adrenaline rush! Knowing I'm about to travel far far away, into the unknown, to experience something wonderful. Knowing that I have done it before and am about to do it again! Knowing that I am doing this, and doing it for me. Knowing I will once again do something that will make me grow a little more as a person, that I'll be one step closer to becoming the person I'm supposed to be.

And I can't believe it's happening, because I'm not the grown up me yet. I'm about to move out! I'm about to leave my family, and not to live with another family, no, to live in a dorm of some sort. It just doesn't seem real. I'm feeling a lot of things right now. Excited... Amused... Scared... Emotional.

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Helene KS.

02.06.2011 kl.00:30

/ Thanks for the comment!:)


02.06.2011 kl.00:49

sv; Det har jeg aldri smakt :(:(


02.06.2011 kl.12:13

Fin blogg :))

\\Takk for kommentaren:))


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