Here are the statistics for my blog the past 90 days:

The blue line shos single visitors, the red one shows page views.

The days where the red line sky rocketed above the blue one, are days where I changed my design or posted many blogs - as I always preview to see it I like the way it looks.

The high blue one on 33 on the right side of the photo is the day where I sent a blog shout - meaning I paid money to get my blog on the front page of, an experiment I did sinply to see how many visitors it would get me.

I dont' really care about the statistics. Most days I have about 3 visitors, one of them being me. However, it is fun to see what it looks like! ^^,

And you know what I despite? People who addyouand then never visit your blog. I accept all friend requests, but that doesn't mean I read all of the blogs - although, most days I visit everyone that's updated. But there are some people that addedme, and then never viewed my blog again after that. That annoys me, because thast means they only added me to gettheir statistics up. I know for sure one person like this - but I hardly ever visit this person's site anyways, as thanks for the favor. ;)

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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02.06.2011 kl.12:31

Tuusen takk for tips:D

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a teenager with thoughts

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