Déjà Vu about Summer Insomnia

Good morning, it's Friday once again! The reason for this entry coming later in the day than usual, is that I have the day off and have been sleeping until now. Not a good idea, since I''ve been waking up several times - first, when Dad told Brother to get to school, second when my alarm went off at 9, third when I got a text not much later than that, although I wasn't asleep yet, and fourth because my dad is building a new building outside our house, more precisely right outside my window. Now I have a neckache.

I'm having troubles sleeping... I call it summer insomnia as it barely gets dark at this latitude this time of year (woah, déjà vu! Have I said that before?). Do you know what I can do to sleep better? 

So... What will I do today? I'm gonna eat some breakfast now, and then take a shower. My hair looks horrible and feels even worse. Furthermore, I need to go find some birthday presents - Tuesday is the birthday of both my mother and her mother! What do you give to someone who has everything? And I'm gonna turn some photographs I've taken into cards, so I don't have to worry about that. I also have a little secret something planned - a gift to someone for no reason other than I want to give this person this something. (=

What'chu gonna do today?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager 

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