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Hello bloggers and blog readers all over the world!

Right now I'm sitting in my room doing nothing. I'm transferring files from my old laptop over to my external hard drive, and that's pretty much what I'll be spending the day doing. I was just out buying more ink for the printer, so now I'm gonna try to print the cards once more, and hopefully they won't turn blue this time...

Also, I'm downloading all seasons of The Big Bang Theory now, so I can watch them whenever I'm bored! And I want to watch The Social Network again, so I'm gonna download that next...

I just had a salad for lunch, and we'll have tacos for dinner later tonight. I'm thinking about Boyfriend right now, I can't wait to see him again, although that won't be in like a week since he'll be up north on some island shooting missiles all week... Hopefully he'll be having a more adventurous week than I will!

Now, the big question of the day: How do I get my teacher to check his e-mail and find the mail where I asked him whether we have class on Monday or not??

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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Vanja - Min lille verden

03.06.2011 kl.15:49

Sv : Det aner jeg ikke, fant selvbruningstesten p nett :p Men du kan hre med vita, cubus eller lindex om de har :)

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a teenager with thoughts

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