Bored of being bored because being bored is so boring!

Good evening, whomever is awake at 1 in the morning!

I only have one thing to say right now: look at the headline. Read it. Memorize it. Eat it.

Haha, I am just kidding of course, I would never ask you to eat your laptops and macs and computers and whatnot. That would be like making me eat meat.

I may be a little bit overtired when writing this, and also hyped up on sugar and caffeine, which would be why I couldn't sleep.

Today, I worked the night shift at Kiwi. It was alright... A bit boring, and stressful at the end, but not a terribly bad day. I bought some new tights, as we're going to my grandma's on Tuesday to celebrate hers and my mom's birthdays. I haven't quite decided on the outfit yet, but I think I want to wear a turquoise cocktail dress I have. I'm gonna upload pictures of my options tomorrow, I think...

Also, tomorrow afternoon, I am skyping with my Polish friend! Monday night it'll be exactly 6 weeks until we meet again, and we can barely wait!

I think I should turn off the computer and try to get some sleep. If I against all odds (</sarcasm) fail at that, I might read a book titled Neverwhere by a Neil somethingorother. Wish me luck, whichever I'll end up with!

Sweet dreams!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



05.06.2011 kl.10:14

sv: Dead center? .. Hva er det? (-:

a teenager with thoughts

05.06.2011 kl.14:02

paintmeyell: Dead center, type midt i bildet. Jeg kan bare fotosprk p engelsk :b Men google "rule of thirds" og se om du skjnner noe! :D

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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