Today Was a Fairytale...

Haha, not really, but today was a good day, indeed!

It started with weird weather, similar to what I lived with in the US. It wasn't very warm, yet not so cold (though I was freezing, but then again I always do). The ground was a bit wet yet, it was grey outside, and no sun appeard to become present throughout the day. It did, though. And it became really waaaarm!! By the time I got home from school, I had the options of dying or changing into some new clothes!

Had my last English and sociology classes today. And our grades are up!

This is what I got last season:

Behavior: G (for "good" which is what everyone with normal behavior gets)
Order: G (yah, we do get grades for these two!)
History: 5
P.E.: 4
Media & Information: 5
Norwegian, oral: 5
Norwegian, written: 5
Norwegian, 2nd writing system (yes, we have two of them!): 4
Religion & Ethics: 5
English, oral: 5
English, written: 5
Social Knowledge: 5
(GPA being 4.8)

This season, I reckon they'd told me if the Behavior and Order grades have changed, as they are a G unless you do something not to get a G... So here are the rest of my grades:

History: 5
P.E.: 4
Media & Information: 5
Norwegian, oral: 6
Norwegian, written: 5
Norwegian, 2nd writing system (yes, we have two of them!): 5
Religion & Ethics: 5
English, oral: 6
English, written: 6
Social Knowledge: 6
(My GPA going up to 5.3)


Friend and I were hanging out here watching some TV after school, after her dentist appointment. We wanted to go out but had to wait for an hour because that's how long before she could eat. Then we went to dinner at a nice little Caf and Restaurant were we first ate dinner, then had coffee and desserts. We talked about pretty much everything. Then we went for a roadtrip! Went all around the county, down roads we didn't even know existed, and out to supposedly known sights that neither of us had seen in years! It was really nice, a bit cold but sunny!

And it began to rain. The sun stayed put, though - and we saw rainbows! Not one, but two! One was really clear and bright and colorful, and we even saw the end of it! I've never been closer to a rainbow in my life, nor have I seen the end of one like that. I texted Boyfriend and told him about it - and left an NB not to tell me some scientifical fact about rainbows now - I won't let him ruin one of the last bits of magic there is. Maybe today was a bit of a fairytale, after all?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



08.06.2011 kl.22:46

sv: Mhm, men greia var at det var JEG som fikk hjernteppe og snt.. S selvom jeg ble kjempe sur fordi de avbrt meg hele tiden, s skjnner jeg jo det.. Og jeg syntes ikke jeg fortjente 4 engang, nr sensor spurte "Ja, hva tror du du fr?" s tenkte jeg med en gang 2 eller 3, men jeg fikk 4.

Tror egentlig jeg ble s lei meg fordi da jeg vde hjemme, gikk alt helt perfekt, jeg gledet meg nesten.. s kom jeg, og alt ble delagt.. men jaja.

Og du m ha masse lykke til med muntlig eksamen! :-)

Vanja - Min lille verden

09.06.2011 kl.16:27

Sv : Den har jeg ikke prvd , det eneste jeg har gtt p er Trionetta og Yamine, det er kun de to jeg har gtt p i noen r fr jeg desverre mtte bytte. Fr prve den nye sorten frst, s fr jeg se om jeg blir fornyd med den eller ikke :)

Takk for tips :)

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