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Yesterday we went to watch the song students have their final performance, and they were awesome!! One of the girls sang a song with the same title as this blog entry, and it is such a fun and light and good song, and I want to share it with you!

Who'd have thought that love could be so caffeinated? <3

Well, my love isn't caffeinated.. I drink coffee all the time, but Boyfriend is allergic to caffeine so he can't, plus he doesn't like the taste to begin with, so...

Right now I'm sitting with a towel around my hair by the kitchen table, drinking a cup of coffee as I always do on Friday mornings. It's so great not to start school until... Well, late. Today I only have school from 11.30 'till 1! Then I have to work for a couple of hours, but that's OK. Don't have anything better to do anyways.

And tomorrow I'll see Boyfriend again! :D <3

Luckily for Californians (and other likeminded 21st century ?hippies? across the World), a new study has revealed that having hallucinations doesn?t necessarily need to cost you an arm and a leg. A La Trobe University study has found that coffee lovers are three times more likely to hear imaginary things than anyone else.

Professor Simon Crowe tested 92 people for this study, and says that ?If you are stressed and have a high level of caffeine, you are more likely to notice things that aren?t there, see things that aren?t there.?

The study revealed that 15% of heavy coffee drinkers will have hallucinatory or delusional experiences, such as hearing voices or seeing ghosts.

So all you suckers who?ve been shelling out hard-earned-cash to your friendly neighborhood herbalist could have saved a lot of green by overdosing on $0.99/cup coffee.

Source to this blog entry is to be found here! (=

What are you doing today?

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10.06.2011 kl.09:44

digger bloggen din :D


10.06.2011 kl.09:53


09.jun.2011 kl.23:33

Jeg, jeg lurer p om du kan stemme p Camilla i denne konkurransen her? :)


Det hadde vrt s kjempe kjempe fint om du kunne det, hun fortjener det virkelig! Hun er smbarnsmor og venter et til snart, det hadde vrt s fint om hun hadde vunnet konkurransen snn at barna har en fin hage leke i :)

Hagen ble rasert nr de mtte bytte om rrene D:

Hadde ogs vrt fint om du kunne ha reklamert om det p bloggen, men en stemme gr egentlig bra >__: Konkurransen ender i dag, Fredag kl 12 c':

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