Bullying and Appearance Fixation amongst Teens

Her: "Like this status and I'll rate your looks from 1 to 10!" *__ and 12 others like this*
Me: "Woah. Appearance-fixated teenagers!"
Her: "Yeah, maybe we are. But I'm sure you were like that once too."

Uhm.. No. No, I wasn't. Not like that. I cared about how I looked, and I wanted people to like me, of course I did. But when I was in middle school, I was not that girl. I was bullied. I barely had friends. Every day was a living hell. I hardly wore makeup until my last year there, and that was probably the best one of the three - as there was a bright light at the end of it: High school.

I prefered to spend my spare time with people I didn't know - back then it was called MySpace. I had three different profiles there, one personal, one fan page for a band I liked, and one anonymous one. You see, Facebook didn't exist. Or, at least not at the present scale. I first heard of it when I was in 10th grade, and it was a friend of mine in Brazil that told me about it. That's when I began looking into it.

I've never had much self confidence, I still don't - or, it varies from day to day. And I most certainly did not have much if any when I was in middle school, like the girl with the status I began this entry with. But it was never at that point where I needed others to publically rate my looks! And even so, I wouldn't dare to like anything like this in fear of people rating me with a low number - my looks was one of the things I was bullied for. My face, my hair, my body, and especially the latter.

It's a mad thing that shouldn't exist, but the fact is it does, and it most likely never will be. However, if I have a son or daughter and he/she has to be on either side of this, I'd prefer that my child was on the side being bullied - it has made me stronger, it will make him or her stronger. I would never want them to be on the bullying side of it all - not when I now have seen where those are, that bullied me.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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