Though Did I Write My Letter?

Noo..... I went cell phone shopping instead, from this very chair and desk! That is, I made an agreement with a girl whose blog I read (and maybe she reads mine, I can't see that from the statistics...), and so half of it is paid (or will be when the bank decides to make the transaction), she'll send me the phone, and I'll pay the rest - deal done! I'm pretty satisfied.

Here's a googled picture of it.... Think it's called LG KS360, and it's a texters' phone, which is what I mostly use my cell phones for, so it's perfect! Can't believe I'll once again own a non-touch-qwerty keyboard cell phone! :D

And here are pics she e-mailed me so that I could see for myself what it really looks like:

It has only been used for a month or so, so it's basically brand new. The reason she was selling it, and for two thirds of what she bought it for, was that she's got an iPhone now, and though it'd be a shame for a new, barely used cell phone to lay in a drawer and never be used when someone else might want it.

I'd sell my old phones too, had it not been for the fact that none of them work. I have a Nokia 3200, a Nokia 6085, a Motorola something-or-other, and an LG Rumor2 which doesn't work in this country and won't even charge... I'm keeping it though, as I can reactivate it whenever I go back to the US.

What do you think, anyone got anything to say about it?

Now once again, I find myself back at the point where I will have to try to start that letter, one more time... Didn't think it'd be this hard!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Evy Karoline

10.06.2011 kl.22:57

godt skrevet!...

Ida Kristine

11.06.2011 kl.08:22

bra skrevet..

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