Bring on the Rain, and Listen to the Tunder

Good prevening, everybody! And no, I did not misspell that word - it's Sheldon Cooper's word, fromThe Big Bang Theory. He needed a word to describe the period of time between afternoon, which begins at 12pm or midday, and evening, which is the time between late afternoon and night, where the daylight is decreasing. Hence, pre evening, or prevening.

I'm still sitting in the same position as I was when I wrote my last entry - only moved to go to the bathroom and get something to eat. What have I been doing? I created this new design! What can I say, I just LOVE Photoshop! I use the CS5 version, which my boyfriend helped me download. I've barely been taught anything in photo classes I've taken, so I'm mostly self-taught. I google things, take tips from bloggers, and learn by doing. It's not a particularly good one if you look at graphics, but I'm improving every time I update my designs. I'm gonna make a new blog category with the designs I've had, to show you the difference.

My boyfriend is still sitting next to me, and now he's moved on to photoshopping as well. I believe his skills are a little better than mine.

So tell me guys, what do you think of my new design?

The text in the tiny pictures is from the Boys Like Girls song Thunder, enjoy!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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