The History of My Designs

I decided to make an entry with the history of the designs I've had. Mostly I've had neutral or white backgrounds, with text and outlines that match the header. I added the profile pictures I had of those where I could find it. So here are the headers I've had so far...

This one came with whites and pinks in the background, and the text was mocha colored.

Purples came with this one, of course!

The previous two were googled pictures, I'm sad to admit... The following one is a photography by me, not edited with anything whatsoever!

Yellows and brown tones accompanied this header.

This one's the first one I actually put some work into, and made from "scratch" - the picture is googled, but the rest is by me.

And then there's this one, being the one I put the most work into apart from my current one of June 12th, 2011. The quote is my boyfriend's favorite, and I too really really really care for it and that's why it made it into my blog. There were a few discussions with myself, to put it that way. Quote vs lyrics, and then which one of way too many. Anywhoo, that's all for now. Will update when I change again.

It was a little too dark an autumn-y to be my header in June... I'm quite fond of it though, made it while there was rain and thunder and lightning outside and Boyfriend and I were sitting inside on each our laptop most of the day.

I wanted something... Cleaner. Less messy. More me. Hence, this header was replaced. I still like it though. Put a lot of work into it when I should be studying for my exam. ;)

This quote by Eleanore Roosevelt, First Lady of the USA while FDR was president, is one of my all-time favorites, and the quote that got me startet on collecting quotes about five years ago. The woman was a genious. She said many more things that can also be found in that book of quotes that I have. The only reason I changed this header was because I was tired of it and I wanted a change. Hope y'all like the new one (=

Lyrics: "End of an Affair" and "Keep on Keeping on" by Tone Damli. Didn't have this one for a very long time, but I got tired of the color. Too much orange, and not really my color... The next/current one is not one of those I made earlier, I made it today between lunch and a house meet, actually, and I doubt I'll ever use the ones I've had from before... It's like, I make new headers and then I don't use them because situations change and I no longer relate to the lyrics or quote in the same way as I did when I made the header. Know what I mean?

Lyrics: "And She Said" by To Be Juliet's Secret. Why didn't I want to have this one anymore? I don't know... I just wanted a change :b As you can see, the current/next one uses very much the same colors.

Poetry: "Pouring Down Rain" by me.

Lyrics: "Last Kiss" by Taylor Swift. Made this in the fall, hence the colors, and I was also pretty down, hence the lyrics.

I just... Came up with something better. This was only a temporary solution anyways. Because I was tired of the old one. Lyrics: "Haunted" by Taylor Swift.

Lyrics: "If You Ever Come Back" by The Script. Photography: me. A flower in my mom's garden, my eye, and my iPod in a bush. I didn't want this header anymore simply because I was tired of looking at it, and I felt that a change was needed. So I changed it for a more Christmas-y one, since it's already December... I never get the feeling of Christmas spirit until the evening of the 23rd when the tree's been decorated myself, but that doesn't mean I have to deprive everybody else from feeling it ^^,

Christmas is over, so I decided to change the design on New Year's Eve - a New Year's surprise, so to say ^^,

"Fearless" by Taylor Swift. And winter theme with pink to brighten it all up. Had this one all through my trip to Africa, after which I changed to zebras, my favorite animal from the savanna!

After my trip to Africa, I decided to use my favorite savanna animal as my design: the zebra! This picture was taken while sitting on the roof of our land cruiser, so the black and grey stripes are parts of the car roof and the roof hatch. However, as it's already May, I found this black and white design a little dark and depressing. Furthermore, with all the text and the font used, it looks a little emo. And I was missing my second home country, America, and my host family there so much that I decided to update to a Seattle theme.

My beloved Seattle... The reason I started this blog, and with which I ended it...

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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Evy Karoline

12.06.2011 kl.17:57

Nice :D fine bilder!

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