Photoshopping the Nerves

Hello again! So this upcoming Wednesday shortly after 9pm, I'll know the subject and topic for my oral exam, which will take place on Friday. I'll have all of Wednesday and Thursday to prepare a presentation of my thesis statement, and be ready to answer any of the questions the examiners might think of to ask me. This will be my first oral exam ever, as the building next to the school blew up the day before my exam in 10th grade, I was not among those chosen my freshman year, spent last year in America where they don't do oral exams, and now we're here, my senior year, where we all have to do one oral exam each. You can say I'm beginning to get nervous.

So... What to do? Well, I've had Boyfriend over since Saturday afternoon, which was the greatest help - I haven't been thinking of it up until dinner just minutes ago, right before he left. Now, however, it's creeping up on me and I just don't know what to do about it.

So what have I done? Today, I've been downloading brushed for Photoshop. Many many many brushes. Most of them glowing and abstract, but some more "solid", to put it that way. Snow crystals, glitter, flowers, hearts... Hopefully I can improve on my techniques.

What do you do to avoid getting nervous?

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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