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I got (directly translated) Social Knowledge as the class I'll do my oral exam in. The topic: Welfare Differences. It's not the worst, and I feel a lot better now... A friend of mine was an angel and drove me home, as the friend I usually get a ride with was going the other direction to visit her mom. We went to the store where I got some candy and white grapes, my favorite!

Now I'm at home, there's only me and my brother here. He also found out about his oral exam today: Social Studies, topic Rich and Poor on One Globe. The three grades between us really doesn't make such a big difference in what we learn, you see!

Now I need to find a focus area... The chapters that go under welfare differences in the book are: living conditions and life quality, handicapped, migration and immigration politics, and itegration of immigrants. I don't think either are too bad, really...

But first: Triple cheese pizza and peach ice tea with my brother while we discuss and take in what we know about things! Have a great day!

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15.06.2011 kl.16:13

Lykke til da !! <3

Nydelig sang ;)

a teenager with thoughts

15.06.2011 kl.17:23

Solveig: Takk! :D Og jeg vet det! ^^,

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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