Viva la Vida

It's a Viva la Vida-morning today. I had my alarm set for 8am, as I'll have to take the bus at 10.30, but since 3am I'd been waking up every so often, looking at the time. At 7.15 I figured it was too stupid to try to force myself into a sleep I knew I wouldn't get, so I got up and took a shower.

Right, the Viva la Vida part. It's windy outside. And sunny. And warm - 19.4 degrees C. It's the kind of weather it was at Norwich when I was there almost two years ago - I arrived July 19th. And Coldplay's Viva la Vida was my Norwich song.

I talked to my Polish friend this morning, and I feel a lot better now... Still nervous, though! Only this one last thing to do and I'll be a High School Graduate! Wish me luck...

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



17.06.2011 kl.09:39

Sv: nsker deg masse lykke til :)

Takk for det og ha en fin dag :)

Evy Karoline

17.06.2011 kl.11:45

h, elsker den sangen! :-)

Little Miss Anderson

19.06.2011 kl.14:08

Coldplaaaaaay <33333

sv: jaaa omg once you go frisrshampoo you never go back! jeg skal f kerastase shampoo/balsam til bursdag, og det er de STRSTE som de har i frisrsalongene! GLEDER MEG!

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