Your glossy eyes don't need the sadness they have seen, but you're way too deep to swim up again

I've realized I haven't blogged since Friday morning, and prior to that I've only blogged about my final exam! So here I am, with another and hopefully less boring blog for you. (=

For starters, my exam went great! I was the last one to go in, and got 5! We were two who got that, the other one being probably the best student in just about every class. There were three 4s, one 3 and one girl wouldn't say what she got but we know she passed.

I worked on Friday after the exam - me and another girl who'd also had her exam that day, so that wasn't really smart as we were both zombie-like and could barely communicate due to our overtiredness. Saturday I also worked, and my new job at the store would be cleaner - as I'm so good at dropping jelly glasses on the floor.... x)

Also, on Saturday my new phone arrived! :D It came fully charged and with songs on the 8gb memory card! ^^, I deleted some but kept most and added some other ;) Thank you, Vanja, for the phone! You'll get the rest of your money tomorrow when the banks open for transferring!

Boyfriend came over Saturday, stayed till this evening. It's sad we only see each other one or two days a week now, but as I've said earlier, it makes the time we spend together so much more valuable. Don't know when I'll see him next, might not be until Sunday prevening this upcoming week...

What to say, what to do... I'mma go get me some food and some more coffee! Oh, and last night I got this real urge to listen to Secondhand Serenade - here's one song for you as well! ^^,

Have you heard of Secondhand Serenade before, apart from my occasional blogs where I mention Secondhand Serenade? Do you like the songs - and better the lyrics or better the music?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Little Miss Anderson

20.06.2011 kl.12:19

da fr du bursdagssang! :D

Vanja - Min lille verden

20.06.2011 kl.15:33

Bare hyggelig :) Slettet bildene som jeg hadde lagt innp der tidligere, men sangene tenkte jeg at du kanskje ville ha hvis du ikke likte dem s kunne du slette de selv ;) S har jeg ogs lagt inn noen sms toner som kim possible :p hehe

Hper du er fornyd :)

a teenager with thoughts

21.06.2011 kl.15:11

Vanja: Jo takk :b Jeg er storfornyd - og kommer til bli ekspert p unng ord som skrives med // - med mindre det er en raskere mte f frem bokstavene p enn via symboler?

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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