I want to be your Butterfree

My mom is so happy she has such a grown up daughter - who is drinking ros wine and watching Pokmon on her graduation night!

I thought I'd post it as my status on Facebook, but I didn't. Well, here I am, back blogging, a gir who is no longer a student in high school - Just a smalltown girl, living in a lonely world!

My exams went well. My oral exam, which I haven't blogged since prior to, I got a 5 on. Today I received the results of my other exams as well, English being 5, and Norwegian and Media being 4s. I guess I shouldn't be too upset about it. I still have a GPA on above 5, 5.16 to be exact, and although it's down from the 5.33 I calculated without the exams I'm still what the politicians call above average.

I have a confession. I have begun watching Pokmon! Such a grown up thing to do... But when you think about it, itis anim! I won't pretend like I'm too into it, but I generally like the concept and I do love the way manga and anim's created. It's so pretty! I'm watching S01E021 now - on pokemonepisode.org - where Ash sets free his Butterfree so it can go and become a parent. This is the first season, called Indogo League, where we follow Ash Ketchum from the day he receives his very first Pokmon. So far, he has two friends travelling with him - Misty and Brock - and his Pokmon are Pikachu, Butterfree, Pidgeotto, Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, and I believe he also has Krabby.

A couple of my favorites would be Charmander and Bulbasaur - for their loyalty and devotion to their friends! I also quite like Clefairy, as I'm walking around with them singing their name stuck in my head! Call me childish, but I think it's fun!

Misty, Ash, Pikachu, and Brock


Ash's first meeting with his Bulbasaur-to-be, as it is protecting an Oddish from being caught by Misty.

Charmander's first appearance, as it is faithfully waiting for its previous trainer to return as he promised - a promise he did not intend to keep. Ends up being Ash's Charmander at the end of the episode.

A bunch of newborn Charmanders! Look how absolutely adorable they are! Me wanty!


I shall now go and continue my marathon. Hihi ^^,

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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