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Some dance movies are just amazing, and I absolutely love it when I put a new dvd in the player and sit down to watch it. However, if the movie is good and I am alone, I won't be sitting down for long - I'll be up and joining them, dancing on my own floor! Here's a list of my favorite dance movies of all times, simply because they give me such ENERGY!

Street Dance
This is a British movie, about a London street dance crew whose leader decides to take a break only a few weeks before the UK Street Dance Championship. The remains of the crew then face challenges with finding a new rehearsal space, and have to join up with some ballet dancers if they want to compete in the championship at all. Watch the movie to see how it goes.

Step Up
What can I say, I just love when they mix different styles of dance! This triology is definitely one of my favorites. In the first movie we meet Tyler, a boy who doesn't have the best ways of living, and has grown up in foster care with other children, among them Camille who also likes to dance - we see this in one scene in the movie. One night he breaks into the Maryland School of the Arts with two friends, but they're caught by a security guard. His friends escape, but Tyler doesn't. To pay for the damages, he has to work at the school as a janitor. This is where he meets Nora, a senior dancer, who is working on her final piece when her partner gets hurt. She's holding auditions to find a new one, but none of the freshmen or sophomores are good enough. But Tyler is, and decides to help her. Watch to see how it goes.

Step Up 2: The Streets
Tyler is in this movie too - barely - as he's moved to New York now. He's back in Baltimore to talk sense into a young rebellious dancer named Andie, who is an orphan and lives with her mom's best friend. She's a part of a crew, the 410 (Four-One-Oh, the Baltimore area code), a crew that doesn't exactly have the best reputation. Sarah, her guardian, wants to send her to Texas to live with her aunt - this is when Tyler shows up and asks Sarah to let Andie join the Maryland School of the Arts. Sarah says yes, and now all Andie has to do is get in. Does she, and how does that go? Watch to find out!

Step Up 3D
The third movie is in 3D, and I have to say this is some experience! We meet Moose, who was one of Andie's friends in Step up 2: The Streets, and Camille, who was Taylor's sister in Step Up. They're beginning their freshman year at the New York University. Moose is supposed to be majoring in Electrical Engineering, but quickly falls back to his hobby of dancing. In NY the different crews belong to different houses, and it all begins when Moose accidentaly battles and beats the House of Samurai - and later joins the House of Pirates, the leader being the film-making dedicated Luke. They're battling to win the World Jam, with the help of a mysterious dancer named Natalie, some setbacks, and the MSA Crew from Step Up 2: The Streets. Definitely a movie to be recommended!

Step Up 4ever
This is not yet a movie, but is set to be released in 2012, and is confirmed to be released in 3D like the third move. What else to say than I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH IT! I'm excited about what music they'll use, who will be in it, if any of the old characters will appear... I particularly fancy Channing Tatum as Tyler and Adam Sevani as Moose, and all of the female dancers so far have been absolutely amazing, though I praticularly like Alison Stoner as Camille.

This is the dance movie that got me into watching dance movies, so it is of course to be found close to my heart. Honey (Jessica Alba) lives in New York City, and teachers hip hop at her parents' youth center - until the center is closed due to water damages. She's a bartender and dreams of making it big in the dance world. She gets her opportunity when being filmed while dancing at the bar where she works. But does that mean her dreams have come true?

Couldn't get an embed code for this, but you can watch the trailer here!

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights
This is the sequel to Dirty Dancing - or maybe I should say a remaking. The plot is the same, but is moved from New York to Cuba. Katie moves to Cuba with her parents and younger sister, her parents used to be ballroom dancers so she has been dancing since she was little. In Havana she is introduced to James, a rich man's boy from the mainland whom her parents would not mind her marrying. However, her eyes are rather looking at Javier, a Cuban boy and dancer himself. Will their love survive her parents, his revolution, and how does dance play a part in it all? Watch it to get the answers! The story is based on a true story, by the way...

Other movies I enjoy areDirty Dancing,Footloose,Flashdance,Save the Last Dance(reminds me I still haven't seen the sequel here...)...

What are your favorite dance movies?
Have you seen these movies?
Do you have suggestions of movies for me to watch?

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sv; oioi, det hrtes spennende ut! lykke til som fotograf :D

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Nopp har ikke det ;)

// Takk for tipse !! <3

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Nei, har ikke sett noen av dem :o fin blogg!

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Sv: mmmmmhm :D

Elsker slike dansefilmer :D

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