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Hola! (=

I haven't blogged lately, but as you probably know that'd be because I don't care about the "rule" saying a real blogger must update like three times a day. I'd rather have something to share... Furthermore, my boyfriend has been here since I got off from work yesterday and until now. And I even wasted two hours of the day relabeling the store where I work - every single freaking item has gotten a new price now! Oh, and I gave the boss my letter of resignation today. When I've worked these upcoming two weeks, I'll be done. Then I'm going to Poland to visit my friend for almost three weeks, and the following two and a half will be spent with friends, family, boyfriend and of course, packing.

We've been watching the first two Pirates of the Caribbean movies; Curse of the Black Pearl andDead Man's Chest. Now we only haveAt World's End left before he's seen them all - we began with the newest movie,On Stranger Tides, haha!

What is more, I have been going through my computer today. My old one, that is. Who wants to guess what I found? Nevermind, I'll tell you. I found stories that I have written. Or somewhat written. Most of them are unfinished, a couple have reached full circle. It's sad that I don't remember where I wanted the rest of the stories to end up... Although, I'm sure if I read through them from the beginning, really devote myself to the stories, my imagination will get a kick and order my fingers to move across the keyboard and write some more...

So here's what I was wondering, my dear readers... Should I try to finish my stories? Would you want to read my stories?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


❤ Marita

03.07.2011 kl.23:04

Kjempe fin blogg :) <3 digger den :)

Hyggelig med kommentar til bake :)

jannicke kristine

03.07.2011 kl.23:05

nice blogg :)
Kjempe bra blogg det her... :) Utrolig bra at du skriver p engelsk da :) ha en fin kveld fortsatt :)

a teenager with thoughts

03.07.2011 kl.23:14

Marita Kindberg's univers. et : Takk! :D Som du vet om du har lest den lille tekstsnutten ved siden av bildet s skriver jeg p engelsk ettersom jeg har bodd i USA og har mange venner som ikke snakker eller forstr norsk! Dessuten fler jeg at jeg bedre kan uttrykke meg p engelsk, og det er ikke sjeldent jeg m si noe p engelsk for at de rundt meg skal forst hva jeg mener IRL :b Burde sikkert valgt et annet sted enn for blogge p engelsk, men dette var det eneste stedet jeg visste hvordan jeg skulle bruke ;p


03.07.2011 kl.23:14

Sv: Det hres ut som du har hatt en strlende helg :)

a teenager with thoughts

03.07.2011 kl.23:23

Engelsk er som mitt andre morsml; it'd be a shame to let it go to waste! ^^,

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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