I've Entered a Contest, for Once!

I usually don't enter contests, but this time I'm going to enter this contest. The theme is summer/vacation, maximum five pictures per contestant, editing is permitted, and the pictures must be taken by yourself.

I'm using some photos I took between June 7th and last week, using my Canon EOS 500D, 18-135mm IS lens.

Today is the last day of the contest, so hurry!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Julie i England

06.07.2011 kl.12:20

Som sagt; du tar fine bilder :)

a teenager with thoughts

06.07.2011 kl.12:47

julie jj: Takkkkk, blir kjempeglad nr noen sier snt! ^^,

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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