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Alright, I'm now officially the worst blogger in history - but in my defence I have neither had time nor inspiration to write. I kept meaning to write entries with pictures and stuff, but that's not going to happen.

First thing first: Nail design. The first one I did was the one being done in this video below, which I removed today as it's been a week and it didn't look pretty anymore. Today I did an easier one, just a plain peachy pink color that came with as a free present when I bought Cosmopolitan, and I used a bobby pin to create silver hearts on my ring finger nails and dots on my thumb nails. Of course, the right hand looks much worse than the left, as I'm right-handed. Note: If you want to wear nail polish on a regular basis like I do, you have to use a good base coat to protect your natural nails from chipping and changing color, which the nail polish will do over time. I've currently lost my best base coat and am now using a cheap Depend one, but know that cheap is better than none. To protect your nail polish from chipping and to help it stay pretty for a longer period of time, use a clear top coat when you're done. (=

Second... I want to congratulate several people: My brother for getting in to where he wanted to go to high school - a study which has to do with electronics, electricity, computer technology and whatnot. My boyfriend for finding a place to live for the future years he'll be spending studying technical cybernetics. My friend in Poland for getting accepted to European Studies at the university. And last but not least, I want to congratulate my dear grandfather, for being done with and staying strong through his cancer treatment. Tests are good so far, but they won't know if he's cancer free until close to Christmas. But so far it's all good!

What more... This is my final week working at Kiwi, and I'm working nearly every day. On Monday I worked 8 hours, Tuesday the same, today I had the day off, tomorrow and Friday I'm working 8 hours, and Saturday I'm working 6. Then I just need to pack and I'll be off to Poland for a vacation! If you're a burglar reading this, there's no point in coming to my house to try to steal things - there will still be people here.

I love that I have a boyfriend who brings me dried apricots when he comes to visit - almost as much as I love him leaving his hoodie at my place! ^^, ♥

There will probably not be frequent updating of this blog the upcoming weeks, but I promise I'll give you some details when I get back from my trip, OK?

Right now I'm watching a show called Hawaii Five-0, which is about a team of police men at Hawaii - a woman fresh out of the academy, a detective from New Jersey who moved to the island to be closer to his daughter, a former cop who was fired because the HPD thought he had stolen money that they'd confiscated from drug users they'd caught, and a Navy SEAL who was originally from Hawaii but was forced to leave when his mom was murdered by someone who was out to get his father - came back for his father's funeral and was asked to stay by the governor of Hawaii. She wanted him to run a non-traditional team that would kick the bastards off her islands - his rules, her backing, and that was the beginning if the Five-0 (pronounced Five-Oh). The name comes from the leader of the team's jersey when he played football - his father had used to call them all five-0s as Hawaii is the 50th state of the USA, to give the children a feeling of belonging.

Anyhoo, I'm back to watching my show. Here are some pictures, and I recommend you watch it too!

Lieutenand Commander Steven "Steve" McGarrett, leader of the Five-0

Detective Sgt. Daniel "Danny" "Danno" Williams

Detective Chin Ho Kelly, trained by McGarrett's father

Officer Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly's cousin

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14.07.2011 kl.10:39

Sv: Tusen takk for en flott og gjennomtenkt kommentar p bloggen min! Veldig hyggelig f ordentlige kommentarer med andres synspunkter! (er nok av; "Fin blogg, ta gjerne en tur innom min", kommentarer.. hehe)

Helt enig med det med bakgrunn! Det er utrolig viktig tenke p! :)

Det var hyggelig at du likte innlegget!

- Julie <3

Julie i England

14.07.2011 kl.14:07

Stilige negler ;D

a teenager with thoughts

15.07.2011 kl.11:49

julie jj: Takk! :D

a teenager with thoughts

15.07.2011 kl.11:51

Julie: Jeg kan ikke f sagt meg enig nok; det er koslig med kommentarer, men det blir for dumt kommentere kun for f oppmerksomhet rettet mot ens egen blogg! ;D

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