Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone?

I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Tell the world that I'm coming home
Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits, and they've forgiven my mistakes
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Tell the world that I'm coming... Home.

So as I said in my previous blog entry, I've been a terrible blogger lately, due to me being busy and lack of inspiration. And I don't think I'll be any better these upcoming three weeks where I'll be away, either. I guess I just needed a break from blogging for a while. I'm sorry if you're not a reader anymore, but I appreciate that those of you who read this are visiting my blog right now. Thank you.

So I'm going to Poland tomorrow. On Tuesday it would have been 13 months since I last saw my friend there, so I made it by one day before the unlucky number!

Did I tell you I vacuumed the letter K off my keyboard? Yeah. It'd gone now. I ordered a new one though, and the website said to allow 2-3 weeks for delivery, so hopefully there'll be a K waiting for me when I get back home ;)

My boyfriend has now officially been accepted to Technical Cybernetics, Congratulations, and all my love to you ♥

Y'all wanna know something? It's almost midnight, and I am way far from done packing for tomorrow. I'm leaving by express ferry at 10.30 sharp, and getting up at 8 to make sure I have everything.

Today I wrapped 6 different chocolate bars, each on 200 grams, cheese, sliced cheese and a cheese slicer - all wrapped separately in pretty paper! :D I really hope my Polish friend, her sister, and her mom all like it...

Have you heard of the Wieliczka Salt Mines before? If you are ever near Cracow in Poland, you should go there. I've been there once before, and I'm hoping to go there sometime this summer as well. Here are some pictures, to tempt you ;)

Sculptures in one of the many chambers the tourists are allowed to enter. There's a story here, that the guide will tell you.

You'll walkmany of these stairs - however, of the 300 km of mines, tourists are only allowed to walk 2 km of them.

So beautiful... And you won't believe the air down there! It's incredible, and they have places where people with airway problems are allowed to stay, because the salt makes it easier to breathe.

St. Kinga's Chapel, the biggest one in the mines. There are many religious figures throughout the place, so that the workers always would have something to pray to in case the mine collapsed. Furthermore, everything here is made of salt - and, like our guide said in the funniest accent I've ever heard four years ago: "Everything in this room can be licked, except for the guide."

If you think you see coins, you are correct. Some of them are mine ;) Also, this mine is theonly one in the worldthat has been continuously active since the medieval ages. The past 700 years, 2040 chambers have been created.

I need to go to bed... And I guess I still have some packing to do... But I'll be back, sometime! ^^,

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



17.07.2011 kl.23:56

h, den sangen er nyyyydelig :D

De bildene fra Polen der, der har jeg vrt :D

a teenager with thoughts

17.07.2011 kl.23:57

Irene: Jeg vet det! :D

Jeg g, var der med Aktive Fredsreiser i 10. klasse (=


18.07.2011 kl.00:08

Sv: Ja, jeg var der i 10.klasse jeg :D


18.07.2011 kl.08:58

Liker veldig godt bloggen din! Fint med en "annerledes" blogg ;)


18.07.2011 kl.09:05

kjempe fine sang <3

simea - fire jenter , en blogg

18.07.2011 kl.09:12

eelsker den sangen ! :-)

a teenager with thoughts

18.07.2011 kl.09:15

Personagrata: Takk :D Hva mener du med "annerledes", though? At jeg skriver p engelsk? (=


18.07.2011 kl.15:38

Bde det og at du faktisk "har tanker" som du selv sier og at du derfor klarer skrive (med lengde!) p bloggen om noe annet enn hva du har hatt p deg i lpet av dagen :p S egentlig ville jeg kalt bloggen din "normal", men i bloggverdenen n til dags er den litt annerledes ;)


18.07.2011 kl.20:15

kul blogg :)

a teenager with thoughts

20.07.2011 kl.11:24

Personagrata: Takk! :D You just made my day ^^, Jeg liker selv aa lese mange forskjellige typer blogger, men jeg foeler at de som bare skriver om hva de har hatt paa seg og blogger om dagens bilde og dagens sang paa en maate kun promoterer seg selv... Jeg sier ikke at det noedvendigvis er negativt, men jeg vil ikke vaere saann. Dersom noen skulle komme til aa lese bloggen min saa vil jeg det skav vaere fordi de syns det jeg skriver er interessant, hvis du skjoenner ;) Beklager "ae", "oe" og "aa" forresten, er paa ferie i utlandet uten min egen PC ^^, Ha en fortsatt fin sommer!

a teenager with thoughts

20.07.2011 kl.11:25

eline: Takk skal du ha! =D

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