Sisters - In Her Shoes

Good morning from Warsaw! Yesterday I went shopping with my friend, and I found this REALLY cute pair of Tommy Hilfieger shoes, I'll show you later...

And just now I remembered a quote from a movie I once saw, and I googled it - like I always do, you never hear anyone say "let's yahoo it"! The movie's name is In Her Shoesin English, but the name also came up in Polish since I am using a Polish laptop right now. And the Polish name is Siostry- means Sisters. So let's have a look at the dialogue I remembered:

(Maggie has just found a closet in her sister's - Rose's - home, that is full of shoes, and only shoes)
Maggie Feller: Shoes like these should not be locked in a closet! They should be living a life of scandal, and pasion and getting screwed in an alleyway by a billionaire while his frigid wife waits in the limo thinking that he just went back into the bar to get his cellphone. These are cute too.
Rose Feller: Please tell me you just made that up.
Maggie Feller: Look, if you're not going to wear them... don't buy them! Leave them for someone who's going to get something out of them.
Rose Feller: I get something out of them! When I feel bad I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good... food just makes me fatter... shoes always fit.

My shoes! Bad picture, I know, is the only one I could find on Google...

Have a nice day! Miłego dnia!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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