Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday...

It is with sadness I sit down to write on my blog, this evening in Warsaw. It was raining in the morning, and I had this line from a song stuck in my head: Let the rain wash away all the pain of yesterday. You see, yesterday the worst tradgedy since World War Two occured in Norway; in Oslo and on Utya. First we were bombed, a bombing which killed 7 people - that is the latest number we have been told. Only short time later, the shooting happened - after which 85 people have been identified as dead. This is beyond doubdt the saddest thing that has happened to my country in more than 60 years.

I am fine, as are, to my knowledge, everyone I know and love. I had a moment of horrible fear when I realized, after remembering an update on Facebook from my boyfriend earlier the morning, saying he was visiting the King's Guard, that he was in Oslo when the bombing happened. I looked for my cell phone charger, which I had forgotten where I'd put because I don't need in here when I'm on vacation, sent him a text, and it didn't take long before he replied that he was safe and had been far away, and that now he was walking around on shattered glass in the streets.

Trying to pay attention to everything that is happening now is hard for me - I am on vacation, visiting one of my best friends in the whole entire world, and I'm supposed to be enjoying the two and a half weeks I'm spending here, and not sit on her laptop all day trying to pay attention to something I can't do anything about. Still, I have come by a few groups on Facebook - a poll asking whether or not Norway should change the laws so the shooter they have caught can be executed, and a group demanding public execution of this guy. I will now tell you my personal opinion of this - and you can feel free to disagree, but don't even think of trying to start an arguement with me, because I will rise above.

In my opinion, the shooter should not be executed, first and foremost because this is Europe and we don't practice Capital Punishment. Second of all, you don't murder a murderer to show him that murder is wrong. Third, lifetime in prison without parol is worse than killing him, which would almost be merciful. Fourth, you can't torture him because that is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and would put Norway on the list of those countries that break the human rights. These are just a few. Personally, I am AGAINST Capital Punishment, and FOR changing the law to allow Life in Prison without Parole (meaning he can never get out).

And like a friend of mine said:Evil will not prevail in the end, but it isn't easy going through it now.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



23.07.2011 kl.19:47


Flott blogg! Du skriver meget bra! Interessant innlegg dette! Gjerne flg med oss p vr blogg, i hvert fall ta en svipptur innom, og engasjer deg! Bry deg! Politikk er for alle!

Fortsatt ha en riktig god sommer!

Lovise- Lager Gratis Header

23.07.2011 kl.19:48

bra skrevet!


23.07.2011 kl.19:49

Veldig bra skrevet!
hvrofor engelsk :( vanskelig forst.. :(

Anja og Sofie

23.07.2011 kl.19:54

Du er flink til skrive :-) Fortsett med det du gjr


23.07.2011 kl.20:48

bra skrevet!

a teenager with thoughts

23.07.2011 kl.22:42

Ungdomsdebatt: Takk skal du ha! Skal skjekke ut bloggen din ogsaa (=

a teenager with thoughts

23.07.2011 kl.22:43

Lovise: Takk (=

a teenager with thoughts

23.07.2011 kl.22:43

SKJULSTAD : Tusen takk :D

a teenager with thoughts

23.07.2011 kl.22:44

Martine: Det staar paa siden av bloggen, under navnet (= Dessuten er det ofte enklere for meg aa uttrykke meg paa engelsk, ettersom jeg anser det som mitt andre morsmaal. Jeg beklager at det er vanskelig for deg aa forstaa...

a teenager with thoughts

23.07.2011 kl.22:45

Anja: Takk & will do! ^^,

a teenager with thoughts

23.07.2011 kl.22:45

juneveronicaaa: Takk skal du ha =D

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a teenager with thoughts

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