I don't wanna wake up one day and find out it's too late to do all the things I wanna do

I wanna photoshop! Hi (= I'm back in Norway now, and I wasn't online at all yesterday! *Proud*. I'm at my grandparents' house - most likely we're driving home tomorrow. It's an eight hour drive, approximately.

I was sad to leave Poland, my friend there and her family, they were all so welcoming and I miss them already. However, it was good to meet my family again. My dad said I was speaking while inhaling and exhaling - an expression that sounds so much better in Norwegian! First day back in Norway - what did I do? Shopping! I bought one new outfit: a skirt with a belt, a top and a shrug. Feels great to spend money! But now I am almost broke...

Alright, so I began this on the 5th of August, and I'm hoping I'll have inspiration to finish it today, on the 8th. It's really hard for me to write when I have no inspiration, which is why I just haven't been writing at all.

So... Let's start by what I've been doing lately. Saturday we drove from my grandparents up here to my town, and I was reading most of the way. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenex - in English.

Fact: I read the same books over and over, even though I know them backwards by heart and could tell you what's where in which book blindfolded.

Sunday I relaxed, unpacked my suitcase, went for a walk, and visited my grandparents.

Today I've been desperately trying to get a dentist appointment - and am up in the sky with delight that I got one the day before I move!

Fact: I am convinced that there is something wrong with the way my brain is put together, as I am happy to be going to get my teeth checked.

I've also agreed on meeting my boyfriend in the city tomorrow at 3pm. Which means I'll spend three and a half hours window shopping before meeting him - as I am too broke to buy anything. Except maybe a sandwich or a coffee or something. I'll probably get bored too, so I'll probably bring my book. He'll see me sitting outside the train station on a bench, cross-legged, reading a big book.

Fact: I do not consider sleeping as a good enough excuse to not answer text messages - as I myself wake up when I receive a text or a call, in my opinion so should everyone else. Especially when it's me texting them. ;)

I believe it's time for a video. Chris Crocker is a Freak of Nature but he sure isSecond to None!

I know it is completely random. But he's right.

I was out walking the other day, and I had my iPod on shuffle. Certain songs bring so many memories! There is one song though, that doesn't bring a specific memory that came on. I would like to introduce you to Simple Plan, and their song Jump!

My reason for liking this song so much, apart from the fact that this band's songs are really energic and I become really happy from listening to most of them, is that I feel that it applies to my current situation. Well, I felt that four years ago too. But you know what I mean. If not, let me show you:

I don't wanna wake up today, 'cuz every day's the same -
And I've been waiting so long for things to change

I'm sick of this town, sick of my job, sick of my friends cuz everyone's jaded -
Sick of this place, I wanna break free, I'm so frustrated

I don't wanna wake up one day and find out it's too late to do all the things I wanna do -
So I'm gonna pack up my bags, I'm never comin back, 'cuz the years are passin by and I'm wasting all my t-t-time

I'm sick of this house, sick of bein' broke, sick of this town that's bringin me down -
I'm sick of this place, I wanna break free, I'm so frustrated

'We good now? Good.

While I was on vacation in Poland, I didn't always have Internet acces. What I did have, on the other hand, were receipts. Tons of them. And I usually have a pen with me at all times. So I spent some time writing on my receipts while at a caf or something. I want to show you:

"Taylor, the latte boy - bring me java, bring me joy..." Starbucks: Making my life happier! =)
(While in Starbucks in Cracow, having a java chip frappucino - had a few of those over there!)

A home is not a place, it's a feeling.
Quoteing me - when talking about how we feel we don't know where our homes are (as we both were exchange students and living in our own countries with our own families was never the same as before we left).

"I'm going green, I'm going green - tell the world I'm going green...." I'm liking the color green more and more these days. I bought a green wallet, a shopping net with green on it, tried on a green sweater and had a green drink at a Georgian restaurant. Sorry purple, you've dropped down to 3rd. ("If you're curious, my favorite color's blue...")
→ I've also bought a green nail file and the straw on my new Starbucks mug is green - not to mention the Starbucks logo itself....

I also had a dream - I found myself all of a sudden with a guy friend of mine - whom I have to admit I had a cruch on about 18 months ago or something. In my dream, I hadn't seen him in years, but he told me he was completely in love with me, and always had been. In my dream I was also together with my current boyfriend, and had been for years. However, the friend didn't know about him at all, and kept talking about us spending the rest of our lives together. In the dream, I had to make a choice (I found this on a receipt too, written down as a novella suggestion. I don't know, I could write it out, but... Nobody would read it or would want to read it, and I don't see the point in having yet another story stashed away on my harddrive. None of you ever did answer if you want me to post my stories on here, by the way.Oh, and just so you all know: I have no feelings for this friend of mine now, haven't had for a long time, and he has a girlfriend whom I really like and I have a boyfriend I am head over heels for!).

As the first sentence of this entry might suggest, I want to make a new blog design soon - before I head off to school and might not have time. I have a couple of headers already made also, that I might use later - after all, thatisthe time-consuming part...

I think we've reached full circle. I'm going to find something useless to do. Oh, and I have 0.36 GB free on my iPod - any suggestions as to what I can fill it up with?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



08.08.2011 kl.18:33

Love your blog! My first time spotting it (:

a teenager with thoughts

08.08.2011 kl.18:47

Maddie: Thank you! ^^, Hope you'll keep reading ;)

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