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I have now gone through 63 pages under "View All" on, only 500 to go! No, of course I am not gonna go through all of those. It's nearly 10pm - a time I would go to bed now after my vacation, since I was up so early nearly every single day, but my boyfriend thinks it's time I turn my habits back to normal - that is, closer to his - meaning sleeping until noon at the very least. *Note the irony, although it is true ;)*

Anywhoo, the banners. I find so many of the quotes I used to love and collect, and I came to realize that there is no way I would want to have those as a banner on my facebook wall - there is probably a reason why my quotes in my handwriting are in a big book that I do not at present time know where is to be found.

Then there are those banners that I probably could have there without feeling like I'm exposing my soul to the surroundings.

And then there are those that I probably should have, just because.

Here are some examples of banners I am talking about. Note that I have written an opinion slash explanation below some of them, whereas I haven's felt the need to explain some of them any further than they explain themselves.


Here we'll have to agree to disagree.

"They say that when penguins find their mate, they stay together forever... Will you be my penguin?"
I could probably have this picture though, baby penguins are cute!!

Simply a genious.

Yeah. It's true. And a bit too obvious. We're all addicted to facebook, but with me it's a bit more visible :b

Could do.

It's true, but I would only have this one if the colors of my profile picture match the banner.

...and it probably ain't gonna get better with the years!

Probably not for me. I'd tell the person directly. Text them, call them, write on their wall, inbox them, send it in a letter - and preferably all of them at the same time.

I could make do with this one.

This is the banner of someone who's had their heart broken or suffered a loss recently.

I think I'd be a bit scared of scaaring the guy away with this banner :b He knows it's true, though! ;)

Seeing as I am a Gaga fan and everyone knows it, it would not be awkward to have this banner on my wall.

That's just an opinion. And one I could agree with. In conclusion, this would be on the yes list.

Same goes for this one as the one above.

...and again.

I am a straigt girl. I have gay friends and I have lesbian friends. I have friends with different skin tones and religions. I have friends from all over the world. And regardless of what kind of love we're talking about, I absolutely agree with the banner, and have to add that love is beautiful, no matter who it is between.

It's good.

Yeah... But not something I'd have for a banner, I think.

Again, it's fourteenish. Would have had it had I had facebook at the age of fourteen.

This is too self-somethingorother to have on top of your profile page. It's like selling your soul for the attention of others.

Haha, SpongeBob is a genious ^^,

I doubt I'd post it.... But it's not the worst of them

This is one I made myself just now. Is not uploaded on the page, so you probably won't find it. I'm considering posting it on my wall, though.

This isdefinitely something I'd post - and as a bonus, it's green!


Winnie the Pooh is the sweetest, and I would have this one as a banner, yes.

True as it though is, I would not post it. It would make me look like I don't appreciate what I have or that what I have isn't good enough - which I do and it is, plus plus!


Alright. That was a lot of banners. What do you think? Which do you like the most? Would you post any of these on your facebook profile - why and why not?

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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Julie i England

11.08.2011 kl.11:20

Kult ;)

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