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So frankly, I'm beyond bored at the moment. So here's a little something for you to read about moi!

.?.?*) .?*)
(.? (.?` My name goes here, but I shall not tell you what it is, at least not yet anyways. And that swirl thingy at the beginning looks a lot cooler there than on here - it wouldn't let itself be copied...

♥ wire hangers and their AWESOMENESS ♥

I cannot be held accountable for injuries which may occur if you tickle me =]

You can read as much as you want about me and my life here on Facebook, google me, whatever you prefer, but you will not know me unless you spend a serious amount of time around me.

Sometimes I think I have a split personality disorder or something, because I don't really know who I am yet. But that's part of becoming an adult, is it not? Besides,"Life isn't about finding yourself, it's about creating yourself." And I've already begun. For instance, when I was 13 years old I decided that I am going to live in the United States of America at some point in my life. Three years later, my dream came true when I went to Lake Stevens, WA, as an exchange student for a year, in 2009-2010. It helped me create another piece of this puzzle that I am, or am becoming. Next piece is coming up, as I am taking a one year study of photography at Soltun FHS, 2011-2012. And then who knows where my path will continue. I haven't figured that out yet, but I know one thing: "The present is theirs; the future, for which I really worked, is mine." ~ Nicola Tesla.

I live a lot by quotes. I know that they can't explain everything, but I can always find one to fit every situation, whether it'd be a quote by a person or a fictional character or song lyrics. I know a lot of them by heart, and I have my favorites in a big green book and on my twitter page, iQuotesLyrics.

My interests, at present time, are reading, writing, photography, photoshop, traveling, hiking, going for walks..."If you never lose the urge to travel, you belong." I found this quote on a poster at the air port when I returned from a vacation to Poland, to see my bff from the exchange student year.

Oh, I still haven't said why I'm writing in English, have I? You know, although I love a lot of things about my country, I prefer the English language to mine native language. It is easier for me to express myself in English, hence my blog is written in English ( - will be updated until the 6th of September, 2012). Don't give me shit because of this statement, it's just a personal opinion and I am not going to argue with you about my preferences.

"Nerd? I prefer the term: more intelligent than you." By another Tweeter.

I have loved, and I have lost. But I believe in living for the future while remembering your past. And then there's that German quote, "You always meet twice in life"..."Never say never," and "It's not too late, it's never too late."What hasn't killed me has only made me stronger, and believe me, I was once weak, but I am not ever going back to being that person."I will never ever be someone who I am not and nothing can hold me back from my dreams. You can try to bring me down, you can try to take me out, but nothing will ever ever change me back to who I was." ~ My debate partner in CWI at LSHS.

I'm pretty good at giving people advice when they need them, but I absolutely SUCK at following them when I find myself in the same or a similar situation as they were when I helped them. But I have my people to turn to when things get though, and they know exactly what to say.

"Dwelling on the past will only create obstacles for yourself in the future." I don't know if I got that one right, but I'm pretty sure it's from the 3rd Cheetah Girls movie - not that I've seen it in years...

Distance... It can either be an obstacle, or it can be a reminder of how much someone actually means to you. I know distance. I lived 10,000 miles away from my home town for a year. I've missed people. But I've also seen what distance can do. If you let it, it will destroy your relationship with a friend or someone else that means a lot to you. But if you try, both of you, really try to make it work, meeting each other again after, say a year, doesn't have to be awkward at all. It could feel just like no time has passed at all. I've experienced both of them. And I've experienced the pain of trying to prevent a later pain when something doesn't work out. They're both painful, but 14 hours of sleep, a good friend and some Indian tea will do the trick in finding out which one is better or worse.

I could probably write a novel on here. One day, I would like to write a novel. Either one that's so exciting and mysterious that the reader can't put it down before the mystery is solved, or one that is so heartbreakingly beautiful (or beautifully heartbreaking) that it will leave the readers shaken and crying and feeling like they have lived the story they have just read. Examples of books like that that I've read are Digital Fortress by Dan Brown, The Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford, and My Name is Memory by Ann Brashares.

"If you're curious, my favorite color's blue." I sing when no one's listening, and do pirouettes across the living room floor when I'm happy. I used to take lessons, you see, with an all-kinds-of-dance teacher in my town 6th-11th grade, and a contemporary dancer and teacher in the US. I learned a lot. But I didn't have time to keep taking lessons when I returned from the US.

Often I feel like I care more about the people around me than they care about me, but just as often they don't know it because I suck at showing it. I am a great friend, but you have to understand my ways to really see it. And I never go to bed after a fight with anyone without solving the issue. After all, we want it in the past, we want it to be a yesterday-sort of thing, and yesterday ended last night. Today is a new day, and I think we should all give every new day the chance of becoming the best day of our lives (that sounds so much better in German, by the way...).

I don't know how to write things short, and right now I can't even remember whether I've already written that or not, because I've written too much in the meantime. Jeesh. It's a thing of mine I can't seem to change. I like it though. But I know it annoys people around me and makes them think, "is there a point to this?" and say "would you just get to the point already?".

And I'm a vegetarian. Have you been hugged by a vegetarian today? You should. We're awesome.

Until tomorrow then, dear reader! (I'm feeling poetic, and "Until tomorrow" sounds more hopeful than "Good night").

~ My name is again written here, but for now I am The Norwegian Teenager, Saturday August 13th at midnight


Vanja - Min lille verden

22.08.2011 kl.15:15

Sv : Hihi takk!! n_n

Har ogs en hund, men alt er usikkert enda pga konomi, plass, planlegging og s gjr det s vondt miste dyr.. Har nettopp mistet kaninen min Josefine som er kjresten til Trampe (bildet) hun dde fra oss p bursdagen min som var p torsdag. Skal jeg skaffe meg dyr senere , s m det bli mange r til.

Vanja - Min lille verden

22.08.2011 kl.15:18

Haha snakker om vre helt fjern nr jeg skriver :p Skriver igjen

sv : Hihi takk!! n_n

Har ogs lyst p en hund, men alt er usikkert enda pga konomi, plass, planlegging og s gjr det s vondt miste dyr.. Har nettopp mistet kaninen min Josefine som er kjresten til Trampe (bildet) hun dde fra oss p bursdagen min som var p torsdag. Skal jeg skaffe meg dyr senere , s m det bli mange r til.


22.08.2011 kl.16:09

Sv: Nei, det er sant at det er viktig at du pakker med deg ting du trenger :)

og ikke ting som er mindre viktig :) Lykke til :)

Mona Louise

22.08.2011 kl.17:50

What a great post!

Your English is amazing, but I guess the that comes naturally when you spend a year in the US of A ;) Must have been an exciting experience ;)


Mona Louise

a teenager with thoughts

23.08.2011 kl.10:53

Mona Louise: You read it all? :D I'm not used to people actually reading my posts when they go beyond three paragraphs, but I'm SO happy to hear from the exceptions! :D

And thanks ^^, But no, not necessarily. I know exchange students that were there for just as long as I was but still barely spoke English when they left. I think Norwegians, or Scandinavians in general, have an advantage because we learn English in school from the early grades, but it has everything to do with interest as well. I've been learning English on my own outside of school since 9th grade when I got into social medias, which back then were only in English, and I've made an enormous effort in my English classes since then as well. It has merely to do with how much effort you're willing to put into it, and whether or not you'll make sacrifices for it - for instance, my math books were thrown at more than one wall because I couldn't understand what I was supposed to do. ;D


A Teenager with Thoughts


23.08.2011 kl.20:01

SV: s utrolig bra den teksten du la igjen i kommentarfeltet mitt var :) Er det greit for deg at jeg bruker den p noen bilder? ;)

a teenager with thoughts

23.08.2011 kl.22:29

Trude: Ja ja, bruk i vei! :D Selv fant jeg den p et bilde p nett ett eller annet sted for et par r siden, s den er ikke orginal. Jeg samler p sitat, skjnner du, og etter du har skrevet dem ned s sitter de inni hukommelsen ett eller annet sted ;) Kom p denne da jeg leste blogginnlegget ditt, og tenkte jeg skulle kommentere ettersom det sto i stil med innlegget. ^^,

Mona Louise

23.08.2011 kl.23:46

Yes, I did read the whole text :) That's why I think you're brilliant in English :)

And you're right about what you're saying. It comes down to the effort of the individual student, and about how much they put their heart in it. Must be way more challenging for some than it is for others, as we're all unique people with different abilities and passions. ;)

Night night :) xx, ML

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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