If You Never Lose the Urge to Travel, You Belong

Good evening to you, my dear, appreciated reader, and welcome to my last blog entry from my bedroom for the weeks to come!

In writing moment, I am sitting by my desk my room appears to me to be empty and clean, compared to how it usually expected to look. My couch is visible, as the clothes are either packet or in the laundry basket. Books, bottles of perfumes, mocies and docking stations are all gone, about 15 km away from here. My grandparents came around 7 to pick up my things: A suitcase, a big bag, a smaller bag, a backpack, and something like a shopping string bag, only it's made of something other than string. All that is left is my purse, my bathroom things and the bag with my camera and the laptop I'm writing on. I didn't want for that to be left in a car outside in the night, even though it'll be locked, as it is the most expensive I own.

I'm also enjoying a glass of this delicious white wine, it's very sweet, very fruity, and even though I know nothing of wine it's one of the best I've tasted. This to calm my nerves, the nerves that have been circulating my system since I woke up this morning. They have made it quite difficult for me to pack, or even concentrate at all. But now, everything is packed and sent with my grandparents. Tomorrow I leave with my father and brother at 7am at the latest - Daddy's driving Brother to school, the same school I've been attending this past year, and then me to my grandparents, and then he'll go to work himself.

The weird thing is... I will be home here again in about 8 weeks, for a whole week. And I've been through this process before, the packing before going somewhere for a very long period of time. Although, that time I would not be back home again for 11 months, which I knew perfectly well long before I even applied for the exchange year. This time I am much more stressed, emotional, and whichever other words you can possibly imagine. My mother calls it the Travel Fever.

Over to something that's not about me, myself and I: LaFee, a German band, released a new CD this past Friday, Frei (Free)! So far I have nothing negative to say about the album, other than that I can't find a place to download it other than to buy it on iTunes or Spotify (I have listened a lot to Spotify these past few days, and the commercials are driving me crazy!)... Here are the titles:

Herzlich Wilkommen (Hearily Welcome)
Lass Die Puppe Tanzen (Let the Doll/Puppet Dance) (?)
Alles Gute (Everything's Good)
Sonnensystem (Solar System)
Du Allein (You Alone)
Ich Bin (I Am)
Fliegen Mit Mir (Fly With Me)
7 Stnden (7 Sins)
Leben Wir Jetzt (We Live Now)
Phnix (Phoenex)
Sieh Mich An (Look At Me)
Danke (Thank You) (Not the same song as on the previous album, Ring Frei, which has a song with the same title)
Ich Hab Dich Lieb [Bonus Track] (I Love You)

Note: The titles are approximately translated. If they do release it in English as well, they might change. I very much like the last song, and I would like to dedicate it to my father, although I don't think he'd understand much of it...

I've just painted my nails in the color 40 red by Depend... Only one coat though, it'll probably be gone by the end of the week, but at least it'll look somewhat good tomorrow and the day after. And it's a backpack class, I'm sure my nails will be the least of my worries!

So I believe that's about all I have to say now. And, wish me luck, have a nice upcoming couple of days, and I'll blog again when I have time, ok! ^^,

Just gonna spike up this page with some photos... None of them are by me, they're all internet copied.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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