Promise me to look back at us as a time in your life you enjoyed...

Here comes an update from here up north! Hi. How's it going? I'm doing good, great actually.

Today we have been doing activities: First there was a rebus that we had to solve in groups, and my group won. The photo students are just awesome! ;) Then we went hiking up to the mailbox - and no, not the kind on the wall down the street. It was a mailbox on a tree in the woods, and it was a lot of uphill. We walked most of the way there, and ran most of the way back. A shower and some dinner later, it felt great! I'm going to have muscle aches tomorrow though. And we're participating in a march for some children's shelter in Africa, Kenya I think, and the city will donate a sum of money for each person that participates, so the entire school is going.

Tonight our teachers will entertain us - a so-called program night, which is something we'll have every other week or so, and mostly it'll be the students that create it, but the teachers will do the first one. It is so going to be filmed and photographed!

Yesterday... Gosh, that was a long day. At the end of it, it felt like the beginning of it had been the day before. We began with breakfast at 8, morning meeting at 8.30, and school pictures for ID cards of all of the students - which the photography students got to shoot. It was fun, until my knee decided fo F up. It popped out, and I had to push it back in again, and it happened twice. Sonot the right timing for that! Hmm, what else did we do... Oh, we went exploring the dormitory basements, and it was creepy! Like, there was no floor some places, and there was a door in to something that's never even been a room! And what have been rooms is completely unusable now; it would need some serious remodeling, which would mean that the school would have to close for a year, before it could be used. The 70s and now are not exactly the same epoches in time.

I've been making some new headers for this blog... One of them is in fall colors, so I might change the current one for this one later on, another is purple and maybe could do around the beginning of December? And then there's one that's fery February-ish because of the snowy pictures in it. I really like this one though, it's very simple but I think it's very pretty also. I'm hoping I'll get to use it sometime.

I don't really have a lot to say today. I'm very tired. Thinking I need to go lay down or something. The teachers' entertainment is not until 8pm, although it'll probably be closer to 8.30, so in like four hours... Or I could just read or listen to music or something. Am in a living room now, outside of our cafeteria, which has the best Internet reception apart from the classrooms (the reception absolutely sucks over in my room), but I forgot my headset in my room so it's all quiet here right now... Apart from a teacher's attempt to play the guitar.

Oh well. It's all part of the experience!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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