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Good day to everybody reading this blog - and to those of you not reading it too, although you are highly unlikely to know that I am wishing you a good day...

I'm in class now, we're having electives today; my elective being photo, to get as much photo as possible now in the beginning. Besides, we're doing less theory in this electives class as it's a class for everyone and not just the photo students. And we do both similar and different things. It's fun either way, for now at least.

I want to show you some of the photos we've taking today, where we've been working with angles and point of view:

None of these are edited in any way, and it's just for practice... And I'm blogging about them because I am bored. So tell me, what do you think? And also, what do you think of the new header & design? For me it looks a little weird now because I've calibrated my screen after I made it so the colors look different, but I don't know how it looks for you. My screen was too blue before, and now it's more yellow, so everything looks a but more yellow now before I get used to it.

Alright, I think we're off to do an assignment on lines... What's new?

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a teenager with thoughts

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