Pictures From My Trips, and Such!

Good afternoon, everybody! Sorry (again) for my absence! September's been totally crazy, I daresay!

First, we went to Polar Zoo on the 12th and 13th of September. It was a lot of fun, and I had a total of 1500-and-some photos. Then I deleted some and then I deleted some more, and now I don't know the exact number... But it's lower, for sure. I hardly have clear pictures whatsoever, but here are some for y'all to see:



Wolves fighting with each other - one meter away from us!

Wolf again



Polar Fox

Another wolf!





Furthermore, we've spent 8 days on Svalbard, an absolutely unique and terrific place to be! We lived with 62 huskies right outside our door, and we were practically living on top of each other the whole entire time, but it was still absolutely incredible.

Some valley we passed on a hiking trip

Ocean view from Kapp Laila in Coles Bay

Huskey! I'm sorry, I don't know this one's name...

Mountains we passed on our way from Longyearbyen to Kapp Laila

Spitzbergen nature

A girl in my class to the left, and my teacher to the right. The reason I can add this picture on an anonymous blog is because we cannot see who they are.

These mountains are typical for Svalbard.

Ice from a glacier floating in the water! It looks a lot like an animal, though! ^^,

This photo is intended for a frame we have, but we might need to fix it some more... See, it doesn't fit the frame, so we had to create a background.

You'd think that, after spending 8 days on Svalbard I would have more photos than two days in Polar Zoo gave me, but that is incorrect. In Polar Zoo, the motives were lining up in front of us, and also you have to take more photos per good photo when the objects are animals rather than mountains and glaciers, whereas on Svalbard we had to look for the motives. And we were working a lot, with building the dog yard, for instance, and carrying fire wood from the shore up to the house, to mention some things.

Between these two trips we spent 4 days in Abisko in Sweden, but all the pictures from there are school related and of people, plus they're an assignment we'll earn money on, so I cannot post the pictures. Look for commercials from Aion I(a sports equipment store in Harstad) to (maybe) see some of my work! ;-)

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

PS: No, I did not see a polar bear on Svalbard. They are actually very shy. My teacher lived up there for a year and did not see a single one, so the first day he told us he's our best weapon against the bears - you know, it's mandatory to carry a weapon if you leave town up there.

Ohh, and I might give you a new design soon-ish, I feel like doing something in Photoshop that I actually know how to do because I'm so pissed at myself that I can't do what our teacher was trying to teach us.



06.10.2011 kl.15:38

So sweet!

Rikke :)

06.10.2011 kl.16:43

Ddsfine bilder! Du er flink til ta bilder og fenge spennende yeblikk! :)

a teenager with thoughts

06.10.2011 kl.16:47

Rikke: Tusen takk :)

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a teenager with thoughts

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