Strange Maze... What is This Place?

I wanted to post this yesterday, but I realized I didn't have the pictures! I had a lot of problems with a new program called Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, and it decided not to cooperate with my computer (as you know, my technology hates me and decides to live its own life most of the time), so I had to delete my photos from the program, move folders around on my computer, delete folders, and even though I tried to always know what was where I must have slipped because I deleted the folder with these photos that are from last Friday's electives. Anywhooo, my teacher had the pictures on her flashdrive, so now I have them and am ready to post them!

Fisrt, we were asked to pick a topic and take some pictures of it. Crazy as I am (and you know I am) about shoes, I naturally chose to photograph shoes! Here's the result of this task:

Self portrait!! But it would have been cooler if it was my black Converse with the writing and drawings on the tip... You remember, I posted this picture earlier!

These are my high heels, and I just LOVE them, I walked in them all of last school year!

My Tommy Hilfieger flats.

Everybody else's Converse! I Photoshopped this one; desaturated it and then went back and picked up the color in the red shoes.

Furthermore, we went to town to pretend to be tourists. We also had to do a personal project there, so I chose cars. Let's have a look at the results there, shall we!

This is my favorite...

I swear to god, I couldKILL photoshop right now... It refuses to do anything I tell it to do! D:

Anywhoo..... Today we've been taking pictures of each other, doing various kinds of portraits, so there will be none from today's project. But you've gotten these instead!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Anette & Lars Emil ♥

10.10.2011 kl.19:53

Flotte bilder av skoene da :)

a teenager with thoughts

11.10.2011 kl.16:18

Anette & Lars Emil: Takk takk (=

Katrine - My fashion diary ♥

12.10.2011 kl.01:18

For noen fine bilder du tar da! :-)

a teenager with thoughts

14.10.2011 kl.09:08

Katrine storp: Takk takk (=

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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