Simply Just One of My Favorite Quotes Ever

Notice the "for anyone" part, and remember the entry where I blogged about Chris Crocker's video where he says that "People change. Get over it." I still agree with his video, so I think this picture might need some explanation. Now remember the "for anyone" part you just noticed a few seconds ago, and read this (memorize it... eat it...): Don't ever change because someone else wants you to. Change because you want to, because it will make you happy to change something about yourself. Then, when someone tells you you've changed and that they want you to be the old you again, find the person that wants to be with the you that you want to be.

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Katrine - My fashion diary ♥

12.10.2011 kl.01:15

Det var en utrolig fin setning! Jeg kunne egentlig ikke vært mere enig i den setningen. Helt sann! :-)

Hilde :)

14.10.2011 kl.15:33

Tusen takk! :)

fin blogg, og en bra setning:)

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