Coffee... Plus Blogging... Can Anyone Guess What Comes Next?


... already doesn't like the way today has started and wishes she could go back to bed but therein lies the problem... she CAN'T SLEEP!!!

So I just got up and made me some breakfast.... That's right, scrambled eggs and toast with orange marmelade and a nice big cup of coffee!

Today I'm visiting my grandparents. And Kiwi where I worked. And possibly my old high school. Haven't decided on that one yet... I would LOVE to see some old teachers, though! Especially my English teacher... She was always my favorite. Well, grandpa's picking me up in about an hour, so... Guess I'd better go take a shower and get ready!

Fun fact about coffee:

The word "coffee" was at one time a term for wine, but was later used to describe a black drink made from berries of the coffee tree. This black drink replaced wine in many religious ceremonies because it kept the Mohammedans awake and alert during their nightly prayers, so they honored it with the name they had originally given to wine.

The Norwegian Teenager


Evy Karoline

19.10.2011 kl.17:50

Elsker kaffe! Spessielt mocca,mm!

a teenager with thoughts

19.10.2011 kl.22:58

Evy Karoline: Moccakaffe er godt, dt! Drikker for det meste svart kaffe jeg da - trenger koffeinen, men ikke kaloriene! ;D mindre det er Starbucks i nrheten. Da m jeg ha en frapp! :D

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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